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Woodland’s “Room To Grow” campaign moves us forward in our ability to accommodate a growing church and community.


The building goal is to build a new sanctuary that will comfortably seat over 500 people.  We will also be increasing our parking capacity, giving the church a main entry point, and providing a common gathering area.  The cost of this project is estimated at $3,500,000.  This campaign will culminate with a request to make a commitment for financial support for three years.  While the cost is significant, it is feasible and needed.


“Room To Grow” focuses on our facility needs, but it also focuses on our mission and ministry.  This project will enable Woodland UMC to more effectively make disciples, share God’s love, and serve our community and world.  Making room in our lives for the work of God calls us to this moment.  Please remember that as we make room to grow closer to God in our lives and in our church, we will need to make room for others.





These are exciting and joyful times here at Woodland UMC.  Our church continues to see new faces each week with whom we are able to share our mission of sharing God’s love, hope, and healing.  Weekly we are encountering joyful moments of meeting new people, welcoming one another into small groups, and developing meaningful relationships.  Each week presents us with new blessings as we seek to be a congregation who is faithful to the great commission of making disciples.


The growth we are both experiencing and anticipating is presenting us with a wonderful opportunity.  After much conversation among the vision committee the Church Council approved the creation of a building committee to review the most pressing needs of our church.  If we are going to be able to continue fulfilling our mission, we believe that now is the time for us to build a new sanctuary.  In order for this to happen, we will need the support of the entire church body.


Woodland has a deep history of welcoming and embracing those who seek a place to worship God and nurture their spiritual lives.  You have, no doubt, been blessed in this manner through the people of Woodland. Our only desire is to continue offering the fullness of God’s love to all the world.


With this in mind I would like to introduce you to our “Room To Grow” campaign.  “Room To Grow” speaks directly to the need we have to accommodate more people in Sunday worship.  It also speaks to the challenges we all will face in order to meet this need.  “Room To Grow” calls us to make


room in our lives for God to meet, guide, and bless us.  We have to be intentional to make time, make space, make change…in order to make “Room” for God.  “Room To Grow” will provide opportunities not only for each of us to consider financial support, but also how we live our faith and invite God to fulfill our lives with divine blessing.  I truly believe that your involvement in this campaign will be a source of great joy for you.


What I am requesting of you at this time is for you to carefully look over this website.  Many of your questions and concerns may be answered inside.  I also would like for you to make plans to attend our Vision Gathering during our Homecoming Celebration. This will be the best opportunity to gather information and ask questions concerning the campaign.  Most of all, I invite you to a time of prayer.  I would encourage you to begin today setting aside some time to pray for Woodland as we embark on the “Room To Grow” campaign.  Pray for God’s guidance in fulfilling your role in the life of the church.  Pray that God would give you a vision for how you can make more room for God especially as you are led to support this wonderful opportunity.


I do want to thank each of you for all you do to make Woodland UMC the wonderful faith community it is.  Please know that your consideration, prayers, and support of all our ministries is so much appreciated, especially in this exciting time.  Let us come together as we make “Room To Grow” in our lives, in our community, and in our church.


God Bless,  Tim A. Meadows  |  Senior Pastor







What is the purpose of the campaign?

This capital campaign focuses on building a sanctuary to meet the existing and future needs of Woodland.  Secondary outcomes of this campaign will be an increase in our parking capacity, a main entry point for the church, common gathering area, and a more visible presence in the community.


How will the building help us reach our community for Christ?

As we continue to fulfill our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ by sharing God's love, hope, and healing, we need room for those who are responding by making Woodland their church family.


How will we pay for this?

God has placed Woodland in a growing community with a vision to reach out and seek others. 
We have faith in the Woodland family to rise to the challenge God has set for us.  With God's help and our sacrificial giving, we will raise the needed funds and will build a sanctuary that will give us room to grow.


How can I help?

First, pray for the campaign and for Woodland.

Second, attend the campaign events and commit to learning all you can about this vision.

Third, give sacrificially!  Be a part of making disciples and growing the Kingdom.





Giving from income is often the primary response to contributing to stewardship campaigns. In addition to giving income you can convert non-cash items into cash donations to give or, in some cases, give those non-cash items to the campaign.


When considering these or other creative giving ideas contact your tax accountant/advisor who can advise you about tax credit strategies and about the most advantageous way to make a gift to your church. Additionally, IRS rules are subject to change.




In thanksgiving for Woodland United Methodist Church and in celebration of God's vision for our future,

I/we joyfully commit to the Room To Grow campaign.

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